“And though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma I still stay faithful to God and I speak words of faith” psalm 116: 11 the passion translation

David gives a real key how to live faithfully before God through all the ups and downs in life in His usual raw way. He doesn’t pull any punches. Being a believer doesn’t protect us from bad things and suffering happening to us but David tells us how to manoeuvre through it. One of the ways the devil try’s to take us out is to try and make us become offended by God and even blame God when face a crises or we are deeply hurt. I have seen so many Christians get taken out this way and even turn away from God and even get angry and bitter against God over the years. It’s not easy.

But what is interesting is that Paul quotes this verse in his letter to Corinthians

2 corith 4:13 “it is written I believe therefore I have spoken. With the same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak.

Speaking words of faith was a real key for David and Paul. Notice the emphasis on speaking. Making right declarations of faith in the midst of the storms that come. We see the best example in the OT where the 12 spies went into the Promised Land and 10 of them came back and had negative confession and declaration. Only Joshua and Caleb had a spirit of faith in the heat of the moment. It’s in those moments what’s really in our hearts begins to come out and sometimes it’s ugly and full of fear and unbelief, definitely not a spirit of faith. Faith declarations are important to get through difficult situations.

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