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“Fight the good fight of the faith…” 1 Timothy 6:12

We just did a whole series on spiritual warfare and how we are facing skilled opponent and how we need to have on the full armor of God. But we have to remind ourselves also this is primary a fight of faith. Its not so much fighting the devil nor fighting one another. It’s a fight of the faith. Jesus has already defeated the enemy, destroyed his works. He still roams around like a roaring lion. Our battle is a faith battle. Do we believe God, do we believe his word and what his word says or do we believe the lies and accusations of the devil. This is where the real battle lies and is fought. We know Jesus overcame the devil in the temptation in the wilderness by simply quoting the word of God. He simply countered the enemies lies by saying It is written. That’s why knowing the word of God is absolutely essential because the more we know Gods word the more we know the truth of who we are in Christ and we discern the difference between what is lies and what is the truth. That’s why Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Knowing who you are and how Christ sees you is essential. That takes faith and declarations to counter the lies of the enemy. It usually starts in our head. Thoughts, lies, accusations, overwhelming feelings etc. They can only be silenced by the word of God. That’s where the real fight takes place.

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