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“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and unrighteousness of men who supress the truth by their wickedness. Romans 1:18

A sobering thought. What stands out is the present tense. In other words, Gods wrath is continually been revealed from heaven. It is happening now and will continue until the final judgement day when Jesus returns. The question how is it been revealed and to whom It’s been revealed against all godlessness and unrighteousness or some translations say wickedness.

Godlessness is anything that is against God. And unrighteousness is to do with any relationships. Jesus summed it up when he said what are the 2 greatest commandments that sum up all the commandments. ‘Love the Lord you’re your God with all of your heart soul and mind and heart” Our relationship with God and the second. Love your neighbour as yourself.” Relationship with others.

Gods’ wrath is being revealed in death. The wages of sin is death. We will all die physically because of sin. Roman 8:18 say the earth is groaning and travailing under the weight of sin. The earth and nature are cursed. That’s part of Gods wrath. Its dying slowly because its giving birth to a new heaven and new earth.

The greatest demonstration of Gods wrath was when he poured his wrath out on his own son on the cross. Sin had to be punished so we could experience his salvation. Jesus’ resurrection is a declaration of the coming of Jesus again who will judge the world in righteousness. The whole of creation and the earth is waiting for that day.

Also His wrath is been revealed simply through the principle of sowing and reaping not usually directly. If we sow to sin, we reap the consequences. We see that been worked out every day in our society.

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