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Don't let my love grow cold I'm calling out Light the fire again Don't let my vision die I'm calling out Light the fire again

You know my heart, my deeds I'm calling out Light the fire again I need Your discipline I'm calling out Light the fire again

I am here to buy gold Refined in the fire Naked and poor Wretched and blind I come Clothe me in white So I won't be ashamed Lord, light the fire again

This is an old vineyard song taken from Rev14 about the Laodicean church. Its such a prophetic song and Froly preached from this passage last sun as prophetic word for the church generally in NZ. Let’s take these words as a prophetic prayer and cry out over our lives and the church in NZ. The luke warm church. To buy gold refined with fire is I suggest, referring to the fire of the Holy Spirit which purifies and cleans all the rubbish out of lives and all the indifference and apathy that is so prevalent in much of the western church. In this picture he is standing outside the church knocking on the door of the churches heart and our hearts to let him in to come and sup with us. Let’s not become dull and asleep. Let us cry don’t let my love grow cold light the fire again. Consume me with your fresh love and fire of the Holy Spirit.


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