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Let’s have a look at Josiah again who was one of Israel’s greatest Kings behind Solomon and David. He was a reformer who turned the whole nation back to Israel. He became king at 8 years old and his father and grandfather weren’t particularly great Kings. Josiah is like a prophetic symbol of what God wants to do in our times as the Western church turns more and more away from God and falls into Apostasy and compromise.

Josaih is summed up in 2 Kings 23:25 Neither before or after Josaih was there a King like him who turned al his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength in accordance with all the law of Moses” There was his secret. Turning to the Lord meant standing against the gods. He would not bow down or submit to them nor would he pay any homage to them or show them any reverence. He went against the flow and culture of His day.

In Jonathan Chans book Josiah manifesto, he writes “The righteous must not bow down to submit to obey or pay respect or reverence in any way to the gods of this age, the woke culture of our age. They must not except any authority above, against or in place of the authority of God.

2 Chronicles 15:9 “For the eyes of the lord range throughout the earth (even NZ) to strengthen those who hearts are fully committed to Him”

Are you one of those who God is calling to be a Josaih in this generation and the next generation. Its time to stand up and be counted. Not a time to cruise and fall asleep. It takes courage and faith. Are you up for it that’s the big question and the challenge God puts before us.

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