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“No the father himself loves you because you have love me and have believed that I came from God….” John 16:27


Our faith is squarely based on Gods word and Gods word alone. To the degree we believe Gods word is absolutely true will be the degree we will walk in the freedom and liberty in Christ God loves you fully simply because you believe in His son. His love never changes towards us. We can’t earn it or buy it. His love is constant. To the measure we receive His love as a fact the greater our freedom.  We can’t live by our feelings or emotions. They have their place but only when they are under the subjection of the truth of God’s word. Because of the fall our emotions and feelings became distorted and twisted by sin. They have to be renewed and come under the authority subjection of the truth which is the word of God. That’s why Jesus said if you want to follow me deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me.  Self is the old self-centred you, the old man, our old sinful Adam, the sinful nature that became fallen and tainted by sin. Every day we have to deny that self and put on Christ. We are no longer in Adam no longer in the Kingdom of darkness. We have been transferred out of His kingdom and are now in the kingdom of God. We are no longer in the realm or rule or reign of sin. We do that by faith- believing the truth about who Gods says we are in Christ according to His word.  It’s the walk and battle of faith. Who do I believe what do I believe. I’m dead to sin and alive in Christ. I’m loved by Christ, its no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me. Put on Christ daily made in the image of God. Put off the old man for you have died and your live is now in hidden in God with Christ. Evey day its counting this as true. The old has gone behold the new has come. The past has gone it does not have to define you anymore. Many times, we just need to repent of our unbelieve and believe. You shall the know the truth and the truth will set you free. The truth of Gods word.

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