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“Preach the word be instant in season and out of season

2 Timothy 4:2

 This was written by Paul to Timothy who was pastoring the church in Ephesus and was going through a particularly hard time. Nero had become the emperor of Rome and persecution had broken out against the Christians and many Christians were arrested and martyred for simply being a Christian. The Roman proconsul lived in Ephesus and so the persecution was particularly severe.   It was hard to be a believer and the temptation was to draw back, be less visible and even go into hiding. Timothy was discouraged and starting to back off from His commitment to follow Christ. All these hardships and disappointments were beginning to take their toll on this young Pastor. To be instant means to stand upon as to take a firm stand or hard position. In other words, no compromise, or backing down. Stay at your post. Paul was saying remain faithful at your post in season and out of season. A Creek interpretive translation of this verse in the Greek by Rick Renner goes like this:

‘Take a firm stand and resolve to stay at your post, regardless of whether times are good or bad. That is your post -your place of responsibility – so dig in, take a firm stand and resolve that you are going to be faithful.

Today we would say get a bit of a back bone or get a bit of steel in your spine. One of the greatest qualities we need and God looks for is faithfulness to stand in all seasons and not abandon your post to not go missing in action, because it feels a bit hard. Preach the word regardless who’s opposing you or not. Let’s face at this stage we are not facing anything like these believers were facing at this time in Ephesus.  Take these words from Paul for you own life. This not time for you to run and hide in fear or look for someone else to take your place or opt out of your commitment to Christ. He’s looking for people with back bone and resolve. Perseverance is a precious quality. Ask God to give you His strength to stand tall and to remain faithful till the end.   


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