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prepare for fasting

I was mediating on this old vineyard song which I use as a crafted prayer. It starts off by saying “No one but you Lord can satisfy the longing of my heart” and then later on “Only you can fill my deepest longing”

We have a time of fasting coming up. These are good questions to ask to prepare us for the 3 day fast coming up. What are the deepest longings, the deepest cries of your heart before God and begin to bring those things before I was just meditating on an old Vineyard which I have used as a crafted Him as we fast. Remember God always respond to hunger in our hearts. What do you really want from God. More of His presence. Greater intimacy, greater hunger for Him or His word. A fresh fulfilling, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Only God can fulfil those longings and already knows the longings. Fasting is an opportunity to bring these longings and desires before Him in humility. So, spend some time asking yourself and the Lord what are the deepest longings in my heart and come with expectancy before Him. The more specific the better so in a sense you can really zero in on those things.

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