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“….. how much more will those will those who receive Gods abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ” Romans 5: 17.

Did you know Jesus never saved us to just live in survival mode in this life. There is something totally wrong with that picture in every way and is totally wrong thinking. He has called us to reign in this life through Jesus Christ. To overcome sin to reign over all our circumstances. We have no excuses. That’s how powerful this Gospel is and our salvation. He has given us two things to reign. His grace and his righteousness. They are both freely given to us through Jesus death and resurrection, we just have to learn to access them and walk in them. Gods grace is his empowering presence to meet every need and circumstance and overcome. The key. Come boldly to His throne of grace to receive mercy and find his grace in your time of need. We have to come boldly.

The next one is the gift of righteousness. The moment we believed He clothes us with a robe of righteousness. When God looks at us, He sees Jesus. He does not see our sin. This protects us from the condemning voice of the accuser Satan. That means we can enter with confidence into Gods presence without shame, or guilt of feeling not good enough. I have done this and done that that, I have failed here. I can’t come to God. God doesn’t love me with all the bad things I have done. I’m not worthy. Jesus makes you worthy because he gives the robe of his righteousness. That’s how we can reign in life.

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