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“But as for me I will continue to gaze upon your face until I see you for who you really are. Then I will awaken with your form and be fully satisfied. Fulfilled in the revelation of your glory in me.

A foot note says in the Aramaic “I will be fully satisfied when your faith is awakened” Psalm 17:15 Passion translation

Amazing thought and it reminds me of the New Testament passages where it talks about Christ within us the hope of glory and ‘I have been crucified with Christ it’s no longer I that lives but Christ lives in me.’ We have a far greater revelation that David had because we have Christ. This comes by revelation and faith awakened in our heart. One of the greatest dangers we face is that we can end up with a theology but without the spirit of faith to make it a reality. I remember a speaker say some 20 odd years ago say the problem we have is that we have a doctrine of healing but we don’t have a spirit of faith. In other words we don’t have a revelation that makes it active and real in the now. That’s why we don’t see more healings than we do. See we would all say believe in the gifts of the HS but how many of us operate in the gifts on a regular basis. We have a believe but we don’t have a spirit of faith to operate in those gifts. Imagine living in the reality every day of the fact Christ lives in us. His glory resides in us. We might believe it but to have a full revelation of that would change our lives dramatically in how live and move.

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