“Honour me by trusting in me in the day of trouble”

Passion Translation Psalm 50:15

And v23 “he who sacrifices thank offerings honours me” NIV

The whole context here is that Israel was bring all the right animal sacrifices to the temple to worship God. He says I don’t rebuke you for your sacrifices but I do rebuke you in that you are actually not trusting in me when trouble comes. We all want to honour God I’m sure. But honouring God is demonstrated by our faith and trust in God in the midst of difficulties. The children of Israel continually dishonoured God in the wilderness by their continual unbelief and lack of trust every time they had a crises in the wilderness. They did not believe in Gods promises to them. This led them to not being able to enter the promise land in about 3 months and so spent the next 40 years wandering around. He’s looking for our trust and faith in the most difficult situations and times in our lives in which we all face. There are many situations we all face that seem bewildering, overwhelming and threaten to swamp us and with no answers. That’s when we need to watch our hearts the most and learn to simply trust in Him. It’s a place of fresh surrender and thanksgiving.

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