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“But those who turn away from truth, you will turn them away from you to follow their crooked ways! You will give them just what they deserve”

Psalm 125: 5 Passion translation.

Truth matters. What is truth is what the world cries. Truth is a person Jesus Christ and God has revealed His truth in His son through His word. For believer’s His word is the absolute truth revealed in the Bible. That’s what we stand on and live our lives on. To reject that and compromise it in anyway is inviting Gods judgement upon yourself. God will turn you away from him. He will literally hand you over to a depraved mind. That’s what Romans chapter 1 talks about. Gods’ wrath is revealed against people who reject Gods truth. There is a handing over to increasing depravity and insanity to do what they ought not to do. Professing to be wise they become fools and almost animal like. And exchange truth for lies. We can see that happening before our very eyes in our western culture where as they reject Gods truth, they believe you can change your gender and men can get pregnant and people can’t or won’t even define what a woman is. God has handed them over. What’s amazing is these things happening before our very eyes prove and show Gods word is absolutely true. It’s been played out before our very eyes just as it says in Romans 2 and very few bother to stop and ask why all this increasing insanity. Where does it come from. Its simple its Gods wrath been revealed against a people a nation, a society that has rejected God and His truth. God is not mocked. Truth matters. God will not allow or tolerate compromise. Beware of calling yourself a Christian and rejecting His word. At that point you are crossing a dangerous line. God will turn you away and hand you over to a slippery path.

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