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“…..through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved to those who are perishing. To one we are the smell of death the other the fragrance of Life 2 Corith2:15-16

What do you smell like as a Christian. What fragrance are you giving off from your life to those around you who don’t know Christ. We are called to be like Jesus in this world. As He was in this world so we are to be. Our lives are meant to give off His aroma the aroma of Christ Himself. Believe me non-believers are always observing and watching us. So, what do you smell like. Are you giving off a fragrance of grumpiness, anger, judgmental, unkindness, lack of humility, moodiness, anxiety, depression, impatience, rudeness and so on and so on. None of those things are the fragrance of Christ. We are called to be like Christ to a dying world. He’s chosen us to reveal Himself to those who don’t know Him and who are perishing. He calls us to be love through Him. Unfortunately, many believers’ including myself many times are still living a self-centered life where self is on the throne and our lives are just reflecting our fleshly life that is meant to be crucified and we are meant to be dead to in Christ. Sadly, the fragrance coming off our lives can often be death not life and non-believer’s smell that. We are called to be love and give love not to be loved all the time which is often just centered in self-centeredness which Jesus came to put to death on the cross. So, the question is what do you smell like. After all it says the love of God has been shred abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. So we are meant to be love the fragrance of Christ.

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