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“I shall be anointed with fresh oil” Psalm 92:10

How would you like to receive a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The word anoint originally denoted the smearing and rubbing of oil or perfume upon an individual. The physician would pour the oil into his hands and would begin to deeply rub that oil into his body and muscles. So, it’s not just the oil but the hands of the anointer. It takes the hands of someone to rub the oil on.

So, God himself is the one who anoints us with His precious Holy Spirit. He fills his hands with the essence of the Holy Spirit and lays his hands upon us pressing the spirits power and anointing ever deeper into us. So, when we speak of someone been anointed, we are acknowledging the hand of God upon that person. So, to receive a fresh anointing we must come to the great anointer and open our heart to God in submission and humility and allow Him to smear us with His precious Holy Spirit. Its allowing Him to lay His hand upon your life. People will begin to recognize His anointing on your life to perfume certain ministries and tasks.

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