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It’s been good to work through the Apostles creed on Sun morning and a number of you have been really blessed by it. This seems to be happening in many churches in this nation and the world. Every church needs to be a creedal church especially at this time where many churches in the West are losing their way and rejecting Biblical truth and embracing doctrines of demons and turning away from clear Biblical faith. Remember our faith is rooted in the word of God and also our story is rooted and found in the 2000-year history of the church. Truth and believe has been formed through the crucible of 2000 years of church history, tried and tested in times of intense persecution and suffering. We need to know what we believe and not flinch or move from it. Beware what you listen to on the internet especially when people start saying we have progressed now and we know better than those gone before us and the scriptures are not relevant for us today because we are somehow more enlightened. That is the height of deception and arrogance especially when it comes to things like sexuality. When you hear that sort of talk alarm bells should start going off in your head. God doesn’t change, His word doesn’t change; His holy standards don’t change. We change to conform to his image not make God into our image or conform to the culture of the day. The Apostles creed was the 1st creed to be formed probably in the 1st century. Several other greed’s were formed over several centuries which were normally just in far more detail. The Apostles creed is recognized as one formed from the 12 Apostles and articulated to help the church recognise and fight any false teaching and false prophets.

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