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Mark 16:17 is a challengingly verse indeed. “These signs will follow those who believe.” Then it lists them. Drive out demons, speak with new tongues and lay hands on the sick people and they will get well.

This is the great commission for all the church for all generations.

According to Rick Renner the word follow means to follow or go alongside as to accompany him on a trip like a faithful companion who is always at one’s side. This is a commitment to another person – of someone’s faithfulness to follow and his determination to never be out of step with His leader.

These signs are not meant to be strange to us because God intended these signs to persistently follow us and the message anywhere and everywhere we go.

If this is true, why don’t we see signs following Christians more than we do.

The answer is found in v17which we might not like. Will follow those who believe. Its not on Gods end. He’s willing and also note these signs follow those who share the Gospel. Its in sharing the Gospel God acts.

Like anything else in the Kingdom, Signs and wonders are activated by faith.

This is not meant to make us feel condemned or discouraged in any way. To experience these things, we cannot be passive but be aggressive about pushing forward in the Spirit to see these things manifest in our lives. It’s activating our faith having an expectancy, expecting things to happen when we pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle the flame in your heart to see this supernatural signature on your life and in the church knowing that’s its Gods will to use you to show His love to people.

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