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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulations (troubles trials, distress and frustration) but take heart or take courage, cheer up I have overcome the world (been victorious over it” John 16:33

Jesus told this to his disciples just before his arrest and crucifixion. There world was about to fall apart. They would be thrown into total despair, turmoil and fear. Remember they all fled and abandon Him. I wonder if they remembered these words from Jesus at this time and could they even believe them at that stage. Cheer up I have overcome the world. Probably not. When a crises strikes us like the corona virus or the war in Ukraine or something even closer to home how we react to these words from Jesus. One thing I have noticed is that many crises that hit the world and at times our personal lives they are not resolved with a click of our fingers or a 5 minute prayer. Just think of all those Christians who lived during the 2nd world war. 5 years of hell and destruction or living behind the iron curtain for 30 odd years. How did they make sense of these words from Jesus? He is simply asking us to trust Him. He says cheer up take courage. Rest in what I have already done. That’s not easy for anyone. The pattern of the world tells me to panic, to worry, to get out there and make everything happen. Jump up and down. Fight back. Protest and so and so on. But God has given us problems so big we can’t fix them. So we only have one direction, to go back to our knees.

Father I believe that your son has overcome my world and all its mess. Help to stay faithful to that belief.

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