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“In the same way count yourself dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus”

Romans 5:11

Left unchecked your flesh will try to run you over, take charge of your emotions and promote laziness in your life. To count yourself dead means to consider it true. You are dead to the realm and rule and reign of sin. When Jesus died you died. This has to be done on a continual basis. Its time to tell your flesh to shut up. The word dead is the word for a dead corpse. We are to consider ourselves dead like a dead corpse. When our flesh try’s to rise up we need to tell it to shut its mouth.. Then grab hold of the power of God to change you and change the way you think. Don’t believe in the lies of the flesh and the devil. We cannot be passive in our walk with God. As I mentioned on Sun David commanded His soul to praise the Lord. He spoke to His soul. We need to learn to speak to ourselves and our flesh when it tries to raise its ugly head. Begin to declare I’m alive to God in Christ Jesus. I’m alive to His righteousness. I’m alive to his presence and power. The only way you and I will accomplish what we are born to do is to put aside the lies of the enemy, tell the lazy complaining flesh to keep its mouth shut. Take charge of your emotions and yield yourselves as instruments unto God. Begin to declare the truth of God’s word.

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