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Here is another couple of quotes from Watchman Nee again. Why are these 2 quotes so important. It’s the 101 of Christian discipleship. If we don’t get these foundational disciplines right to be blunt, we will struggle in our Christian faith and walk. I’m glad I learnt these early as a new Christian. If we neglect these things we are in trouble. They have to be a priority in our life. We say Jesus is our life. If we are not connecting with Him in a daily devotion of some sort, we have missed the whole point and we will suffer great loss. Its not legalism. It is a matter of life or death spiritually and the basic core foundation of discipleship. That’s where it starts.

Here's the 1st one. It’s not rocket science

“Every believer ought to know there are four things to be done attentively before God each morning: Communion, praise, Bible reading and prayer. If one neglects any of these four the day will declare it.

The other quote. “As a well-known pianist once remarked, “If I do not practise for one day, I notice something wrong, If I do not practise for two days my wife notices something wrong. If I do not practice for 3 days the whole world knows notices something is wrong.” How many Christians there are who wonder why the performance of their spiritual life is not worthy to be manifested before others, yet they are not willing to spend time with the Lord daily”

Ouch let it cut deep. Not spending time with the lover of our soul daily isn’t going to cut it in these days. I heard a sermon last week which also cut deep. It was simply this. If you are not hungry and thirsting for God, it simply means you are full of self. Harsh Maybe but I think its probably true.

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