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We are going to be starting a season of fasting. The first one will be for 3 days. 25th to 27th of May. It’s just before the day of Pentecost. Sun 28th of May. Fasting is traditionally and biblically going without food always although for some of us it might be fasting social media or Netflix. Ask the Lord. Fasting is a powerful weapon and has always been a spiritual practise and discipline in the church and in Judaism. Many in the early church fasted 1 or 2 days per week. In the methodist revival in the 19th century if you were a Pastor you had to fast at least 2 days per week to be even ordained as a Pastor. Someone defined fasting as a home sickness for God which I always love. It means you are saying to God I so hungry for more of you. I’m willing to deny myself food to draw closer to you. Its hunger for more of God and to pray and ask God for specific things or breakthroughs in your own life and others. The Bible says draw near to God and he will draw near to you and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. What awesome promises from Gods word. Let’s approach this time as a family where everyone joins in. That even makes it more powerful and a pleasing sacrifice to God which he will honour. I’m always excited when Gods people take time to fast and seek Him afresh for the future things, he has for us as His people and Southside family. Some spiritual breakthroughs only come through cooperate fasting. Also, Pentecost Sun on the 28th may reminds us of the birthing and beginning of the church with the outpouring of Gods Holy Spirit and fire. We all need our own personal Pentecost of being filled with the Holy Spirit and the fresh fire of His presence to fall on our hearts.

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