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One statement hit me with Des preaching on sun. “Give me back my stuff” It has been stuck in my head ever sense. It was something I had mentioned in the past. It was from Grahame Cooke in one of his teachings. He talked about having a dream and he saw the Lord but Jesus had his back to Him. As he approached Him Jesus finally turned around and Jesus was angry. He became terrified and said what’s wrong Lord what I have done. The Lord just looked at him and Graham began to weep uncontrollably and starting begging Lord what I have done. The Lord finally spoke and said Give me back my stuff. I have paid for it all.Why do you keep taking it back. It cost me everything. Graham cried out what stuff Lord. What sin have I done. Then the Lord showed him he was carrying stress, worry, anxiety fears. Jesus has paid for everything and yet we carry so many things. Most times its just our unbelief in the finished work of the cross. We don’t realize how complete the work of the cross is. Jesus has paid for all our stuff and sin but yet we keep taking it back. It grieves Him and can even make Him angry. Psalm 50 :15 says in the passion translation Honour me by trusting in Me”What are you and I carrying in our lives that Jesus has paid for in full. Are we really walking in the fullness of what God has paid for and provided for us through His son. He’s paid for it all through His Son.

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