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“Don’t you know that you yourselves are Gods temple and that Gods spirit lives in you. If anyone destroys Gods temple God will destroy him for Gods temple is holy and you are that temple” 1 Corinth 3:16-17

If any one defies or destroys Gods temple that’s is Gods church. That means if anyone causes a moral deterioration or contributes to it, God will destroy you. It literally means God will waste, corrupt and destroy. Serious indeed. The church is Gods holy temple upon the earth where His Holy Spirit dwells and is highly protective of it. Mess with His church is inviting Gods judgement upon your lives. Gods house is sacred and Holy. The house of God His church is different, special, and consecrated and a separated place that is to be holy unto God.

Jesus loves His church. He is the head of His church and so we need to love what he loves. Corporately we are the very temple of God’s presence and holiness is the beauty of His house. When we start rejecting His word and His truth and calling good what God calls evil and allowing it into his church we are in serious trouble. The best example is found in the story of Eli and his sons. Eli was the high priest looking after the temple and His sons were defiling it with their sin. His sons were wasting and corrupting the house of God and negatively affecting the house of God. He did not discipline His sons. Eventually Gods judgement fell and they all died on the same day. Serious stuff indeed.

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