“God spoke the words be healed and we were healed and delivered from deaths door. So, lift your hands and give thanks to God for his marvellous kindness and for his miracle of mercy for those he loves”.

Psalm 107:20-21 passion translation

Healing can come several ways. We know God gives healing gifts to people and so you can be prayed by someone with a healing gift. Sometimes there is an anointing specifically there for healing and at those moments your faith doesn't have to be evident. We see that with Jesus. Sometimes he seemed to heal people who didn't seem to have any outward faith, but healing power went out from him. On other occasions their faith was what activated healing because he commended them for their great faith or said go your faith has healed you. Sometimes God requires us to activate our own faith by simply believing his word without anyone particularly even praying for us. Even Jesus said that to some people. Go you are healed. Sometimes as we mature in faith, he requires us to begin to exercise our own faith by simply beginning to take him at His word

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