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“Turn , oh Lord and deliver me, save me because of your unfailing love

Psalm 6:4

The passion translation says “ Turn back death from my door and deliver my life Because I know you love and desire me as you’re your very own”

Save me because of your unfailing love. God is open to our cry because of His unfailing love, His loving kindness. Its not because we deserve it, but because of who He is and His covenant with is. Being content with Gods commitment is enough. We must be careful of not going down the rabbit hole of trying earn His love or being good enough or earning some brownie points. Let’s not get into a striving mode or thinking I’m not good enough. That’s just playing into the devils’ hands. Its all because of His great love and of the covenant He made through the shedding of the blood of His own Son. That he comes and rescues us and heals delivers us because of that covenant love. More and more I realise we have trouble receiving and believing because we don’t know how much He really loves us. We have a head knowledge rather than a heart knowledge of His great love for us. That why Paul prays open the eyes of our heart so that we would know the love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge. In other words, to know experientially the love of Christ. The more we know His love the much easier it is to receive His covenant promises.

Watchman Nee puts it so wonderfully

Each time a trail of faith comes our way we should understand that it is not we who are being proven but the Lord. When our faith is being proven its actually the Son of God who is being proven. It is Gods faithfulness and not you that is being tested. Whatever trial descends on you it is to test what Christ can do for you – if you let Him because of His covenant of love.

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