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A Happy New year everyone. Welcome to 2023 Pray you are enjoying your holiday break.

Psalm 42:11 in the passion translation says, “yes living before your face is my saving grace” It’s an interesting phrase and I realize the Passion translation is only a paraphrase so it's not always accurate. It's just putting it into everyday English. I have shared before how in the Hebrew language in which the Old Testament was originally written there was no word for Presence. It was always translated His face. In his face is His very presence. That’s why you see in the great priestly blessing in Numbers 6:24 it says, “The lord bless you and keep you and the Lord make his face shine upon you” In other words let his presence shine upon you. It’s interesting one of the better definitions of grace means Gods empowering presence to become all that we are meant be. It's his empowering presence that empowers us to be transformed into his image. His ultimate goal is to make us more like His son. That can only happen by his presence in our lives. David understood this in a profound way. David had the revelation it was only Gods presence Gods face shining on him that could save him and keep Him. One of the things we need the most is the art of awareness that we are living every moment of our lives in his very presence. Because of the New covenant we have Gods presence in us and shining upon us because Christ lives in us. All heaven is attracted to us because all heaven is attracted to Jesus in us. Living in that reality daily is what brings transformation.

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