Nothing could ever change your royal decrees they will last forever. Holiness is the beauty that fills your house, you are the one who abides forevermore Psalm 93:5 (Passion translation)

Firstly Gods word never changes. Culture many change BUT Gods degrees never change.

The next phase is amazing. On sun night at the prayer gathering this verse came out in a prophetic song which we sang over and over again. What is the hallmark of his house his church? It’s His holiness. His church, his people will be marked with holiness above everything else before He returns. He’s not coming back for a church full of compromise, with the world and with sin. He is holy and he commands us to live a holy life separated unto Him, living for Him, not compromising His word or his holy standards. It’s His beauty that fills His house. Let’s pray that God will come and fill his church, our lives with himself, his holiness. His very beauty

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