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I want talk about Israel again and have a little rant. I think it’s so important to understand Gods plans and purposes and to make sure we have a sound biblical world view. I know many Christians struggle with what’s happening with Caza and all the children been killed and where is God in all this. Firstly, I can see that struggle and its real. I’m not approving of everything Israel does but I find it interesting people are get very selective in what they get angry with. I don’t see people protesting in the street with what’s happening in Russia with civilian’s been killed. I didn’t see many people getting outraged with the10s of thousands killed in the Syrian civil war or Christians being outraged with the 40000 Christians been butchered in Nigeria since 2009 and still going on every week. The silence is deafening and speaks volumes of our selective outrage.

Joel 3:2-3 is just one verse that gives me a fear of God about being careful how we approach Israel, He gathers all the nations at the end to bring them into judgement and it’s based on how they treated Israel and how they wanted to scatter Israel and divide up the land. Isn’t that what is happening right now. People are trying to divide up Israel. Again, it’s doesn’t mean I’m approving everything that goes on but God ways are very different and when God judges nations he didn’t ever seem to give any special treatment too women or children. When Jerusalem fell to Rome in AD70 over 1 million Jews were killed many women and children. My question is how do we know it’s not Gods judgement in this war. Just asking. I don’t know but when you look through scriptures God raises up other nations to bring his judgement. I’m just saying. What I do know is God has given that land to Israel and whoever tries to divide it up or take it will be fighting against God. Remember in the Old Testament the prophet’s said Israel is called Gods wife. In Exodus 4:22 God declares Israel is my first-born son. The church never had that privilege yet. We are called His bride.

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