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Josiah mandate

A quote from Jonathan cahns new book The Josiah Manifesto.

The righteous are not on earth to live their lives in a state of survival but in a state of mission. Only then can they live lives of righteousness and fulfil their calling. They must live beyond their lives and rise above them. They must live as those on mission as if sent into the world by God.

Josiah was one of Israels greatest Kings after David and Solomon. He became King at the age of 8 years but he totally reformed the Jewish nation which had turned its back upon God and turn to worshipping the idols of other nations and even ended up sacrificing their own children on the altars of Baal. He went and totally destroyed all the pagan idols and alters in the land. He cleansed the temple from even worship idol to pagan gods and called the Nation back to the living God. He was indeed more than just a revivalist but a reformer. He reformed and turn a whole nation back to God. Josiah did not live for himself, his comfort or his own advantage. Rather he lived to do what was right regardless of what it required or meant. He lived beyond himself beyond his life. He did not live to survive. He lived as one on a mission and so the life he lived was one of purpose and greatness. We are living more and more in a similar climate as the nation has turned away from its Christian roots and beliefs. We are more and more turning back to Paganism. God is looking for courageous people to stand up and be counted for Him just like King Josiah. No compromising or bowing down to the dictates of the culture but to be come people of a counter culture- Gods Kingdom. Its not enough for the righteous to not bow down to the gods of this age the culture of this world but to actively stand against them and speak out against them as much as it is in our power to do so.

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