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The Bible is a incredibly realistic book very much in contrast to 21st religion and thinking of romanticism and utopianism which is the thinking of many who don’t believe in God. The idea that men is inherently good and through the process of evolution and enlightenment we are moving towards a world utopia of peace and harmony and loving one another. These people are shocked and dismayed when a war breaks out like in the Ukraine and in Gaza. Utopianism is cruel for it expects of men and women what they are not and will not be until Christ returns. They don’t understand bound up in the heart of man is good and evil. The Bible spells it out clearly the problem and the solution to the problem. We need a saviour because we are sinners in the presence of a holy God. Sin is a serious business. Knowing we are sinners frees us from the cruelty and deception of some sort of Utopia coming to this earth is now somehow in our grasp. Forgetting what the Bible says about human sinfulness is hard hearted and it is monstrous thing as one can imagine. All this got shattered last century with 2 world wars. Bible believing Christians should never have the reaction designated by the term shocked. That’s not living in the reality of the Biblical world view. It fails to see the reality and fails to understand who men really are, people made in the image of God but very much fallen and broken because of sin. The Bible never paints a Utopian picture. All the Biblical heroes of faith were flawed with sin. Noah got drunk and laid naked in his tent when his sons saw him. Abraham lied not once but twice about his wife saying she is my sister. Moses had an anger problem and so failed to go into the promise land. Samson and all his moral failures. David a man after Gods heart commits adultery and then arranges a murder. You could go on and on. Its not excusing sin but the Bible is realistic and honest about men who are fallen sinful beings. It spells out the reality of sin.

Christians should not have some romantic view of sin and the lostness of the world. There is no Utopia coming in this life rather coming judgment upon sin.

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