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“For wanted to come to you certainly I Paul did again and again but Satan stopped us” 1 Thes 2:18.

This is a fascinating verse indeed and Froly shared this on Sun in regards to our planned trip to Isarael and how it was quickened to her. Paul gives no indication on how Satan stopped him from coming to the believers in Thessalonica. But what it does show the spiritual warfare we are involved in and just how real it can be. We often think Gods will is easy and we step out in faith when he speaks and when we walk through an apparently open door the devil is on the other side hindering us. Just because its Gods will does not always mean its going to be easy. In actual fact there are times to walk in Gods will means we can face fierce opposition form the enemy and are tempted to think this cant be Gods will but in actual fact at times it’s the exact opposite. I remember reading a story by John Wesley about how he thought something was wrong with him because had not faced any opposition or persecution for a while and had stopped to pray about it on the road side. Suddenly someone behind the bushes threw a rock at him and hit him in the face. He jumped up and said thank you Lord I’m still in your will and purpose’s and carried on his journey. Sometimes the greatest opposition comes before the breakthrough comes.

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