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For though we live in the world we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary they have divine power to demolish strongholds 2 Corith 10: 3-4

God has given us armour to protect us but what are the weapons he gives us to fight. There are 4 main ones. The name of Jesus, The blood of Jesus, the word of God and praise.

As children of the King we have his name. His name has all authority and power. The devil trembles at that name. Use his name, lift up his name, declare His name. We can resist the enemy in his name. There is power in the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus covers and protects us. Apply the blood of Jesus over your life over the lentil of the door of your house. We are under the blood of Jesus. We have been redeemed – brought out of the slave market of sin and transferred into His Kingdom through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Our sins are under the blood of Jesus.

The word of God is spirit and life. Active and powerful. Jesus overcame the devil in the 40 days in the wilderness simply by quoting the word of God. It is written and the devil fled. He didn’t even have to yell and scream at the devil.

Praise is different from worship. Praise is making loud declarations. Psalm 107 says bless the Lord oh my soul and everything within me bless his Holy name and forget not all his benefits. He then proclaims and declares all the wonderful things God has done for Him. Forgives my sins, heals all my diseases, redeems my life from the pit. Crowns me with love and compassion and so and so on. Learn to open your mouth and declare what he has done for you and who you are in Christ. Use them and see strongholds to begin to fall in your life.

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