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Psalm 34:1-3 passion translation

“Lord I’m bursting with joy over what you have done for me. My lips are full are full of perpetual praise. I’m boasting of you and your works, so let al who are discouraged take heart. Join me everyone let’s praise the lord together let’s make him famous!

This psalm from David is made more amazing when you look into the context it was written. David had just fled from King Saul and had been hiding in the wilderness and Saul was closing in on him so he has to flee again. This time he fled to the enemies camp the Philistine’s and because he was scared, they might kill him or hand him over to Saul he pretends he is insane and dribbles at the mouth and making marks on the doors of the gate. King Achish said why bring this madman to me and David flees from there and hides in the cave of Adullam and this is where he most likely composed this psalm. You got to be kidding. In the natural David had nothing to be thankful for let alone bursting for joy. Quite astonishing when you think about it. No woe is me, no moaning and groaning, no down in the pits. Nothing but pure praise and thanksgiving. When we think about our lives how do we measure up or do we measure up at all. Unadulterated praise and worship when you are at rock bottom. Oh boy, oh boy oh boy. To have a heart like that. Read this psalm understanding David’s situation. Does it make your heart want to soar like David’s no matter what you are facing?

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