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“Listen to them. With pleasure they still proclaim: “You are so good. You are my beautiful strength; you have never made a mistake with me”

Psalm 92:15 Passion translation

I love this from the passion translation. The context is the lovers of God who flourish like palm tress even in old age, bearing luscious fruit and abiding faithful. This is what we all should long for.

The psalmist says listen to them. With pleasure they still proclaim. The confession of there mouth is God you are so good. Let that proclamation be forever on our lips. Let us never become cynical with all the things the world and life throws at us. Guard your heart from that.

Secondly you are my beautiful strength. The Christian life is all about exchange. Its never about trying to change yourself. You just can’t do it. Our natural strength and all our good intensions and our own will power soon runs out. Its all about exchanging our life for His life. A daily attitude of the heart posturing ourselves before the Lord. Its an attitude of surrender to Christ. Our life for His life.

The 3rd one, you have never made a mistake with me. He never made a mistake with the exact date you were born or with who your parents were or where you were born. You were conceived and born exactly at the right time and in the right place because He knew you before the foundation of the world. Amazing proclamation. Believe it declare it. We have a palm tree in our front lawn. Its flourishing strong and tall. That’s God reminder for me every day. Gods covenant and promise to me every day.

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