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Graham Cooke does an amazing teaching on questions God may want to ask us and how they help us in developing our relationship with Him. God likes to ask questions. So below are some questions that God may want to ask you. Take some time to contemplate and mediate on these questions and begin a dialogue with God regarding them and write down your answers. Take your time. You could spend a few weeks on one question So here we go. Enjoy exploring.

“Do you believe what I believe about you”

“Do you know my plan is to make you as amazing as me”

“I love impossible situations, when will you let me into yours.”

“I’m making war on your negativity, who’s side are you on”

“I have put you into Christ so that I could treat you like Him. What does that look like.”

“If I (God ) were to speak the truth to you in love what one word or phrase would He say to cause you to love Him more”.

“If the new man is the only primary focus of the Holy Spirit what old man thinking is up for renewal.”

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