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“Yet I have this against you, you have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen. Repent and do the things you did at first” Rev 2:5

This verse came as a prophetic word just at the beginning of covid and is still being emphasized. It’s a word given for the church in Ephesus a that time. Jesus told the church that they needed to repent and do the first works. The word do refer’s to the outward actions of describing the outward proof of repentance. This seems a relevant word for much of the western church at this time. The Greek phrase first works could be actually interrupted the things you did at the beginning. The answer would be found in Acts 18 which talks about the beginning of the church Ephesus when Paul went there and preached, and a mighty revival happened. So, if you read the account, you find the answer. Here’s a bit of a list from Acts 18.

They possessed a great spiritual hunger.

Enjoyed rich fellowship among the believers.

Eagerness to repent and to receive what God had for them.

Cherished the word of God.

Sacrificed their religious reputation.

Committed to applying the word of God to their lives.

Receptive to the power of God and the gifts of the Spirit.

They loved Jesus and his wonder working power.

Severed all connections with their pagan past.

Publicly persecuted for their public faith in Christ.

Were faith filled.

Known for their love for one another.

Their intensity and their zeal had greatly diminished. They had not realized how far they had drifted. If they were willing to humble themselves and repent it would lead to restoration and spare them from impending judgement. Repentance demands proof. Jesus said if don’t repent Ill come quickly. Let’s take heed and examine our lives and walk with Him.

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