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Romans 1:18-31 is such a important passage to read because it describes what happens to a people, a society a nation that rejects God and the downward spiral it takes. It goes form order into increasing disorder and chaos. it's very sobering because we see this happening before our very eyes in much of the western and world and NZ as we reject God.

In v22 it says : “Although they claim to be wise, they become fools.” It starts from men no longer acknowledging or giving thanks to God and man is now on the throne and worship man. - humanism. The word fool is where we get the word moron. Without wisdom from God, they become morons, intellectual twits. In v23 they exchanged the glory of God. It literally means I have found a better a bargain and therefore I make a trade. Instead of worshipping God they now worship man, themselves and so they become morons. That why you have people telling us there are no genders, women can become men and men women and men can get pregnant. Hello intellectual twits who even deny science and biology itself. Think about it it’s like a mass delusion. They actually believe it. That’s the exact result of rejecting God. There is no supernatural God. There is only man. And so, the society slowly slides into self-deception and delusion. The ultimate end of secular humanism is the perfection of man a new utopia. And do you know what that is. A society that begins to take on homosexual characteristics. I didn’t say that. That’s what it says from v26 and on. Read it for yourself.

God said if you worship man and yourself God will give you over to the very desires of your heart. We are living in the I am generation of our day.

The only thing that will save the west from total collapse's will be a spiritual awakening and revival. Start with us Lord.

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