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On Sunday we looked at the Apostles Greed and the phrase “We believe in the Holy Spirit. One of my favourite verses is found in James 4 :5 which says the Spirit he cause to live in us envies intensely.

The amplified version puts it this way The Spirit whom He has caused to dwell in us yearns over and He yearns for the Spirit to be welcome with a jealous love.

In Rick Renners book Greek Gems, he puts it this way

The Spirit has an all consuming and passionate desire to have more and more of us. In fact, this desire to possess us is so strong that He literally yearns, craves and pines after us

Learning to host the Holy Spirit as a person should be a long-life pursuit as a believer. We ignore the activity of the precious Holy Spirit to our own pearl. If He is yearning to manifest himself in our midst and in our lives, shouldn’t we be yearning for Him. Let’s not reduce this statement to a nice theological idea but without the reality of Him working in our lives. He knows our hearts and knows if we really yearn for Him to be welcome. He doesn’t seem to hang around to much if we are not consciously yearning for Him. He’s jealous for us. Are we jealous for him.

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