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“Pour into me the brightness of your daybreak, pour in to me the rays of revelation truth” Psalm 43:3 passion translation.

I love this verse. The NIV puts it this way “Send forth your light and your truth let them guide me let them bring me to your holy mountain”

Holiness is the beauty of his house and the only way we can get to really know him is to walk on the path or road of holiness. Its not something we can even obtain by our own strength. Its something God does by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s the work of the HS in our lives. That’s why the psalmist writes and cry’s out this way. If we are hungry for God, these are the sort of prayers you should cry out to God for its only his light and truth been poured into us that we see Him for who he really is and we see our own hearts in the light of who he really is. It’s something he initiates according to His grace and mercy. Our hearts are incredibly deceptive and our hearts will normally always try to hide from His light and truth. That’s part of our fallen sinful nature, we want to hide from Him and who we really are and to be truly known by Him. The truth is we love darkness more the light and truth. The passion translation goes on by saying ‘showing the way into your burning presence. Let this be the cry of your heart. This is the way to know him more intimately.

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