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“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” John 8:31-32

A powerful verse. If you hold to my teaching in the amplified says “If you abide in my word hold fast to my teachings and live accordance with them”

That’s the condition. Most of Gods promises have a condition attached. This is not primarily concerned with communicating truth. That truth must become real in our experience. Truth is a person. Jesus. Truth always must lead to an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. Its not enough for Him to change our behaviour. He’s not concerned about modifying our behaviour. He wishes, no he desires to make us exactly like Him in each area of our life. Truth sets us free when we become the living embodiment of it. We become the living word. As he is so are we in the world. Just receiving information doesn’t cut it. Just follow these steps and you can change yourself. That’s nothing more than a glorified self-help programme. People generally do not apply truth to themselves. The Holy spirit relates truth to us. He brings us into a connection with Jesus where His relationship with us empowers us to be made into his image. The truth is a person. Truth is the word made flesh. We need to experience the presence of God in the spoken word. We can’t change ourselves. Christianity is not a 10-step self-help programme. That’s just dead religion and has no power to transform. We have to encounter the one who is present. We are shaped by His presence. The Holy spirits job is to quicken the word to our hearts and spirits. That’s what changes us. As David cried out in Psalm 119. “Quicken me according to your word.”

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