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An excerpt from an awesome book called “The ruthless elimination of Hurry” by John mark Comer

‘There is a saying in parenting literature, “To a child love is spelled time.” There’s truth in that. And it’s not just for parents and children. If you love God the father and want a living thriving relationship with him where you experience His presence all through the day then you need to carve out time to be alone with Him. Full stop.

Nouwen who was a well-known Christian author and monk once asked mother Teresa for spiritual direction; he was dealing with a number of problems in His soul and sought her wisdom. Imagine one of the greatest followers of Jesus in the 20th century asking a saint for a little advice on how to follow Jesus.

You know what she said?

Well, you spend one hour per day adoring your Lord and never do anything which you know is wrong… you will be fine

Profound and powerful. We can make it so complicated. In the psalms it says delight yourself in the Lord. The passion translation says “if you make God the utmost delight and pleasure in your life. It’s not just about bringing your prayer list to God but more just about just delighting yourself in Him.

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