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“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the Father ,son and Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:18


This the well-known passage about the great commission that was given to the church by Jesus and so therefore us.  A paraphrase I read on this verse was ‘As you go about your daily business or activity share the gospel.’ Often, we have this impression we have to go and talk to strangers about Jesus who most of the time are not even open to listen anyway. But the truth is the statistics show clearly that over 90% of all people whom come to Christ come through a friend or work colleague or family who simply invited them to church or a Christian event of some sort. That is the most effective form of evangelism. The power of Invitation. Let’s not forget it. That’s how I got saved. Where I worked there were several Christians who started praying for me earnestly. The never shared with me but just prayed. Then one of them gave me a book called ‘The late Great earth.’ That book began to stir my heart. I also had a Christian friend outside work who just was a friend. He prayed for me for several years. One day I went to Him and poured my heart out and he just said you need to become a Christian. That’s all he said. It was like a sword going into my heart. He then just invited to me to church – the power of invitation in action. I got saved a few short weeks later. The reality for most of us is we are not strong in the gift of evangelism as such but we can all pray and we can all invite. Let’s not try and reinvent the wheel and make it hard for ourselves. Jesus said he would make us fishers of men. Let’s not use the wrong bait and fish in the wrong pond where the fish are not biting. Nothing discourages you more than going fishing and catching no fish not even a bite. The power of invitation is still the most affective form of evangelism.

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