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Psalm 83 is like reading exactly what’s happening in Israel right now. It’s incredible. Nothing has changed.

O God do not keep silent be not quiet Oh God be not still. See how your enemies are astir how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your people, they plot against your people they plot against those you cherish. Come they say, “Let us destroy them as a nation that the name of Israel be remembered no more. With one mind they plot together they form an alliance against you. Psalm 83:1-5

Read the whole Psalm and it can tell us how to pray.  What’s amazing is that lists the nations that rose against Israel back then and its exactly the same nations today.

Edom  =southern Jordan which was where the sons of Esau settled. That’s where Hezbollah is today along much of the Jordan border with Israel.

Ishmaelites= Isamael was the father of the Arabs

Moab = Central Jordan

Hagarenes = Egypt

Gebal = Lebanon

Ammon = Northern Jordan

Amelek = The Sinai Peninsula

Phillistia = The Gaza strip

Tyre = Lebanon

Assyria = Primarily Iraq and parts of Syria and possibly Iran.  They were the descendants of Lot.

Its no accident that Nassar the former dictator of Egypt repeated this very passage prior to the 6-day war in 1967 when all the Arab nations attacked Israel.

So read through psalm 83 and it will help you know how to pray. Remember Israel will not be going anywhere according to Gods purpose which will be fulfilled in the tribulation period just before His 2nd coming where they will acknowledge That Jesus is their long-awaited messiah.   


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