“The Spirit says clearly in the later day times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons”

There is no question we are entering into those days.

Deceiving or seducing spirits describes a moral wandering or a person or nation that has veered morally from a solid path and is now adrift. Deceiving can also be translated delusion. The Holy Spirit is prophesying that spirits of delusion taught by demons will be stealthily methodically and seductively entice people away from long held established truths laid down by the Apostles into doctrines and concepts advanced by demon spirits.

For instance who would have thought they would ever see the day when our society would be so confused that it would question whether a man is a man or a women is a women. Yet our society is being bombarded with the notion that changing ones sex or ones gender is perfectly normal. Or somehow same sex marriage is OK with God, or the old heretical teaching of Universalism been taught by some people again which basically is God is a loving God so cant send people to hell so everybody will be saved even the demons in the end. There is no eternal judgement, and even hell is not to be taken literally. As believers we need to keep the anchor of the word in place and not drift off course with the madness that is luring so many into confusion.

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