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“But you oh Lord, your mercy -seat love is limitless, reaching higher that the heavens. Your great faithfulness is so infinite stretching over the whole earth. Your righteousness is unmovable, just like the might mountains. Your judgements are as full of wisdom as the oceans are full of water. Your tender care and kindness leaves no one forgotten. Psalm 36:5-6 Passion Translation


 Our lives need to very much grounded in the very character of God. Not our feelings or emotions or circumstances. Our praise and worship needs to flow out of the very character of who God is, because Gods character is the only thing that is stable and unchanging. Our lives need to be lived from His Character. He is the God who changes not. Everything else is sinking sand. Our trust is in His very character. His mercies a new every morning towards us and is the only reason we are not consumed. His mercy His very mercy seat of love holds the whole world together otherwise we would have all long been consumed. His faithfulness is infinite. That’s where our faith needs to based. He is totally dependable, trustworthy, reliable. He cannot lie. His word is absolutely true. That’s who we trust and lean into. His judgements are full of wisdom. No one is going to be able to point their finger at God and say you are unjust even with all the evil things happening in the world. His tender care and kindness towards us every day. Spend time going through these very attributes and character of God and beginning to thank Him and praise Him. Notice how these attributes of who He is cover and full the earth.  Remember always make it about Him before you make it about you.    

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