Wisdom has built herself a palace, Upon seven pillars to keep

it secure. She has made ready a banquet feast and the sacrifice has been killed Proverbs 9:1-2 Passion translation

There is an amazing play of words in these 2 verses that point to Christ. Lady wisdom is a poetic personification representing Christ –the wisdom of God.

The verb build and word son come from the same root word. The house that wisdom is building. You and I are the sons and daughters of God that are being built into a spiritual house. We are the temple of God. And then finally the sacrifice points us to Calvary.

In the Jewish Talmud they talk about 7 virtues before the throne of glory. Faith, righteousness, justice, loving kindness, mercy, truth and peace. Jesus is all these virtues. They are all part of His very character. We have all been invited to this banqueting table to feast from it. That’s amazing. He invites us to come and eat and drink from Him.

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