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In 2 Timothy 3:2 it gives a list of what things will be increasingly like at the end of the age and it lists ungratefulness or being unthankful. Unthankfulness will be a temptation people will be prone to fall into the last the days. We must therefore be determined in our hearts to run in the other direction and be known for being thankful and grateful.

What does thankful mean in the original Greek language. According to Rick Renner it comes from the derivative word for grace which expresses the idea of a heart which is thankful, grateful or appreciative for various reasons. For what he has received or how he has been treated. The words thankful, grateful, and appreciative are all included in the word thankful. Thankful that he has received blessings in in some way. Is grateful towards the person who treated him kindly, and expresses how appreciative he is for the kindness he was shown. In the last days people are going to become the exact opposite They feel entitled to everything. When a person feels, he is entitled to everything he loses thankfulness for nearly everything. Seeking your own rights and ways leads to dissatisfaction, emptiness and disillusioned people. Happiness is obtained where there is a thankful heart. Psalm 103 says Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits. The psalms are full of been thankful to the Lord entering into his gates with thanksgiving. Let’s guard our hearts by cultivating a thankful and grateful heart for all the Lord has done. Let’s not become a murmuring and grumblingly people.

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