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The cross

I pray you had an awesome Christmas Day yesterday with family and friends. and you will have safe travels for all those who are heading to different places for the holidays. Keep safe on the roads. It’s hard to believe another year is coming to a close. A big thank you for all those who were involved in organising the service on sun and being involved. The setting up, the items and the food afterwards. Well done. It was awesome to celebrate the birth of Jesus and worship together. as Gods people.

Here are some quotes from Watchman Nee which I always love. It's all about coming back to the cross.

‘Victory is not due to our depending upon self. On the contrary, victory is due to our standing in the finished work of Calvary. The Lord has appointed the way to victory for us. It is the cross. The defeat of Satan is at the cross. Therefore, he is most fearful of people going to the cross and obtaining the victory of Calvary in their daily lives. With real death there comes a real resurrection. This is what the devil hates the most. Because he has no foothold on those who have died. If we do not overcome it is because we do not believe. For as soon as one believes one instantly overcomes. The most basic sin according to the word of God is unbelief. How sad that we pay so little attention to the one sin that the Bible emphasizes the most.

My God grant us such a revelation that we may see everything we already have in Christ. If we are in Christ, all that is Christs is ours.

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