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“…. and take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God

Ephesians 6:17


We need to understand firstly if we going to use the sword of the Spirit effectively. There is a difference between a Rhema the quickened word of God and the logos the written word of God. A Rhema is when the Holy Spirit will drop a word into your heart for your exact situation, that Rhema will have the power to drive back the enemy. We see clearly this when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. Each time He spoke the Rhema word of God he drove back the enemy.

The Roman solders were the best army in the world at that time. One reason was that when they went into battle, they were thoroughly trained for hours to thrust the sword into their opponent not to wave it around trying to strike anywhere. They thrust the sword only forward to kill their enemy quickly not just wounding them by wildly waving it around. This what Paul had in mind here. The Rhema word is like thrusting the sword into the heart of the enemy.  Sometimes when are under attack we fling the sword around of His word all over the place hoping we hit something. They key is to ask God to give you a quickened word a Rhema by the power of the Holy Spirt. It creates faith and we can thrust that into the heart of the enemy.  There is tremendous power behind it when it is quickened to us by the Holy Spirit. David talks about this again and again in Psalm 119.

“I’m laid low in the dust quicken your word to me” KJV v25. The passion translations says revive me according to your word. Are you facing an impossible situation right now and the enemy feels close. Ask the Father to give you a Rhema a quickened word by the power of the Holy Spirit for the situation and then use it by speaking it and thrusting it into the enemy. Its better that a scatter gun approach. Ask Him he will do it. That’s real sword power.  

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