“You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness” Romans 6:18

There are only 2 groups of people in the world. Those who are in Adam or those who in Christ. Those who are in the kingdom of darkness and those who are in the Kingdom of light. Those who are slaves to sin and those who are slaves to righteousness. If you have given your life to Christ your position is that you are in Christ, in Gods kingdom and you are a slave to righteousness. That’s your position in Christ regardless of how you feel or think. The key is do you believe it and have received you it as a free gift and are learning to live it out daily in your life. When you were a slave of sin you had no control. It pushed you and drove you. But now you are a slave of righteousness and you are now compelled by the love of Christ, which has been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit. You are under a new master, not the devil but the love of Jesus Christ. So it’s learning to not let the devil push you around and listen to his lies and his voice. Begin to declare who you are according to how God sees you. That’s the process we are all in.

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