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“And be fully satisfied, fulfilled in the revelation of your glory in me” Psalm 17:15 Passion Translation

I have been mediating on this verse lately. Again, this is one of those amazing secrets of David’s life and why he was called a man after Gods heart. It’s incredible the insights David had of who God is considering this was centuries before Christ. This revelation was fully fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ. It was through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that the revelation came that now we became the temple of the living God. It says Christ with in us the hope of glory and Galatian’s 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ its no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me”. This was part of the mystery that was hidden until the coming of Christ. Its one of the greatest revelations we can have. That Christ now lives in us. He’s in us, with us and for us. Its not trying to get God to come down from heaven, he is always in us on our best days and our worst days. When we wake up in the morning, he’s not far away He lives in us. Our biggest problem is our lack of awareness of that reality every moment of the day. When we go to work, He’s in us. In every situation and circumstance, He’s in us. That revelation would change our lives, the realty that he lives in you and me and doesn’t leave.

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